Dr Tabea Lissner

Head of Adaptation and Vulnerability


Dr Tabea Lissner

Tabea leads the our Science Team’s work on climate change adaptation and vulnerability. She has been working on analysing climate change impacts on societal sectors for over 10 years. Her work focuses on the analysis of human-environmental systems, using conceptual as well as quantitative modelling approaches and spatial analysis methods. A special interest lies in understanding the processes and interaction of the many determinants, which make human-environmental systems especially vulnerable to climate change. In this context, she works on translating the various determinants of vulnerability into methods, which advance the comparability and transferability of results between regions and which provide useful information to stakeholders and decision-makers in especially vulnerable regions.

Tabea is Lead Author in the upcoming IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, contributing to Working Group II on Chapter 4 Water.

Tabea has a background in Geography, Political Science and Environmental Management and holds a PhD in Geography from Humboldt University, Berlin, which she developed while working as a junior researcher in the Climate Change & Development Group at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). She is the author of several peer-reviewed publications in leading climate change journals.

Blog posts


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