Marli Klass

Research Assistant

Climate Diplomacy

    Marli is based in Portland, Oregon, and supports the work of our Climate Diplomacy Team with emphasis on the development of policies and legislation for Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

    Prior to joining Climate Analytics, Marli joined the NW Energy Coalition based in Seattle, USA, where she focused on analyzing, developing, and advancing clean energy policies for several states in the USA. Through this work, Marli led and oversaw stakeholder initiatives pertaining to the implementation of Oregon’s Energy Affordability Act and assessment of energy burden, Distribution System Planning, Utilities’ Clean Energy Plans to meet carbon emission reduction mandates, and other various related clean energy legislation. Prior to joining the NW Energy Coalition, Marli worked at the USA federal power marketing agency known as Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). At BPA, she primarily focused on legal processes and research related to the generation and transmission of electric power. Marli has also assisted climate litigation in the USA, including taking part in drafting amicus curiae for the Juliana vs. United States case, a foundational climate constitutional lawsuit in the USA. Marli has also worked extensively with the Ebiil Society Inc. of Palau, where she gained a lot of her foundational knowledge and expertise in SIDS-specific issues and solutions.

    Marli holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Pre-Law from the University of Hawaii, Hilo, and a Juris Doctor degree with particular emphasis in Energy, Innovation, and Sustainability Law from Lewis & Clark Law School.