Extreme terrestrial heat in 2023

Peer-reviewed Papers

April 2024

Multiple relentless heatwaves occurred in 2023, with much of the world experiencing at least 20 more heatwave days than the 1991–2020 average. This study looks at prominent and record-breaking events around the world.

Climate impacts in northern forests


March 2024

Northern forests hold around 54% of the world’s total terrestrial carbon stock and contribute more than one-third to our global terrestrial carbon sink. This report reviews the impact of human induced climate change on northern temperate and boreal forests.

Effectiveness of water-related adaptation decreases with increasing warming

Peer-reviewed Papers

March 2024

When it comes to water, adaptation to climate change becomes less effective when warming is above 1.5°C, according to a new study looking at water-related climate risk at 1.5°C, 2°C, 3°C, and 4°C of warming. The study finds adaptation needs to go hand-in-hand with ambitious emissions reductions and decarbonisation.