Sylvia Schmidt

Science Team Assistant

Climate Science and Impacts

    Sylvia is involved in coordination, stakeholder engagement, project development, and management within the Science Team. She is part of the coordination team for PROVIDE, while supporting scientific stakeholder engagement for PROVIDE and LAMACLIMA. This includes planning and design of webinars and workshops, as well as stakeholder mapping. She has created content for case studies in the 4i-TRACTION project and supported engagement for the ISIpedia project and Climate Impact Explorer tool previously. Sylvia began employment in 2021, during her M.S.c. in Integrated Natural Resource Management at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

    Sylvia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Urban Planning & Public Policy from Rutgers University. Before joining Climate Analytics, Sylvia supported flood hazard mitigation and community engagement for the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency.