Climate Analytics Berlin
Our headquarters are located in the heart of Berlin. Our CEO as well as the majority of our science and policy team members are based here supported by our project management, finance and administration team. Climate Analytics builds on long established partnerships with German and European partners and organisations.
Climate Analytics Lomé, Togo
Our office in Lomé, Togo, focuses on issues relating to LDCs with an emphasis on Climate negotiations, Implementation and Adaptation. Our staff in Lomé have developed a wide network of regional partner organisations in African LDCs and are also able to meet requests from francophone LDCs to deliver workshops and materials in French.
Climate Analytics Inc.
Our New York office, located near the UN Headquarters, provides consistent support across climate and development related processes, with a focus on empowering SIDS and LDCs’ diplomats, including New York based Ambassadors, to enhance their impact in negotiation processes. Climate Analytics Inc. partners up with US-based organisations and academia to further advance its climate science, policy research, and analysis.

Climate Analytics: a multidisciplinary and culturally diverse team composed of experts in climate science and impacts, including authors of the IPCC, experts in climate finance, adaptation, climate negotiation, mitigation policies and climate policy analysis.

For many years our team members have been firmly embedded in the global climate science, impacts and policy research community, and have been actively engaged with the climate change negotiations. In addition to our expert knowledge, we have a deep understanding of the negotiations and are able to call on an extensive network of experts in the field of climate change.

Through this extensive experience, we are able to understand the different perspectives and concerns of various stakeholders and are capable of delivering well-founded expertise in capacity building, readiness, mitigation and adaptation.

Climate Analytics team at the annual strategy meeting, Luckenwalde, Germany, February 2015.
Climate Analytics team at the annual strategy meeting, Luckenwalde, Germany, February 2015.


Dr. (h.c) Bill Hare, CEO and Managing Director / Senior Scientist
Co-founder of Climate Analytics, physicist and climate scientist with 25 years’ experience in science, impacts and policy responses to climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion. He is lead author of the World Bank Turn Down the Heat reports and the IPCC AR4. His work has been recently published in Nature Climate Change, Nature, Climatic Change, Regional Environmental Change, Climate Policy.

Dr. Michiel Schaeffer, Director / Senior Scientist
Co-founder of Climate Analytics and head of our science team, bio-physicist with a PhD in dynamic meteorology, specialising in the interactions between atmosphere, ocean, eco-systems and society, author of the IPCC AR5 and the World Bank Turn Down the Heat reports. His work has been recently published in Nature, Nature Climate Change, Climatic Change, International Journal of Climatology, Environmental Research Letters, Climatic Change, Regional Environmental Change and Geoscientific Model Development. Based in the Netherlands.

Henrike Doebert, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Henrike oversees Climate Analytic’s Global Finance, Project Management, Project Development & Communications, Human Resources, and Administration. She is also in charge of the organizational structural development of Climate Analytics and reports to the CEO.

Climate Science and Impacts


Dr. Carl-Friedrich Schleußner, Head of Climate Science and Impacts
Supports the science team in climate physics related questions as well as climate impacts; author of a series of peer-reviewed scientific studies as well as science reports such as the Turn Down the Heat reports for the World Bank.

Dr. Tabea Lissner, Deputy Head of Climate Science/ Head of Vulnerability and Socioecological Systems
Focuses on climate impacts, vulnerability, adaptation and loss and damage. She has been working on analysing climate change impacts on societal sectors for several years, focusing on the analysis of human-environmental systems, using conceptual as well as quantitative modelling approaches and spatial analysis methods.

Dr. Sarah D’haen, Scientific Coordinator Sub-Saharan Africa
Focuses on Climate Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation by providing science-based support to national adaptation planning (NAP) processes in francophone Least Developed Countries.

Marina Andrijevic, Research Analyst
Supports the economic core of the science team with research and application of quantitative economic methods to climate change issues.

Marie-Camille Attard, Project Manager
Works on the PAS-PNA project.

Maria Bertrand, Research Analyst
Supports the Science Team as part of the EmBARK project

Jessie Granadillos, Development Economist
Development economist specialising in economic and multidimensional poverty impacts of climate change; climate change adaptation, co-benefits, and disaster risk management; policy analyses and development planning

Dr. Quentin Lejeune, Research Associate and Knowledge Broker
Knowledge Broker as part of the ISIPedia Project

Inga Menke, Research Associate and Stakeholder Engagement Expert
Stakeholder Engagement Expert as part of the ISIPedia Project

Dr. Alexander Nauels, Scientific Advisor
Focuses on sea level rise and IPCC related issues

Petra Nieland, Project Manager
Supports the science team on a number of projects including IMPACT, EmBARK, ISIpedia and HAPPI.

Peter Pfleiderer, Data Analyst and Programmer
A PhD researcher for the EmBARK project, focussing on questions of attributable climate change and the time scales of emergence of attributable climate signals.

Theresa Rauch, Scientific Project Coordinator
Supports Policy and the Science teams in coordinating crosscutting tasks and projects.
Ms Rauch is on maternity leave

Dr. Fahad Saeed, Scientific Model and Data Manager/ Regional Climate Scientist
Fahad supports the Science Team in the development and maintenance of a database structure for climate data, including general circulation models and gridded climate impact and socio-economic data, the coordination of climate science analyses and similar projects.

Olivia Serdeczny, Research Analyst
Focuses on non-economic loss and damage and the integration of quantitative and qualitative climate impacts studies, co-author of two of the World Bank’s Turn Down the Heat report series.

Emily Theokritoff, Research Analyst
Supports the Science Team as part of the IMPACT project

Rand Abu Ajamia, Student Assistant
Supports the regional assessment of barriers to adaptation as part of the EmBARK project

Gina Maskell, Student Assistant
Supports the Stakeholder Engagement Team of the ISIPedia Project

Kaylin Lee, Student Assistant
Supports the Stakeholder Engagement Team of the ISIPedia Project


Dr. Mouhamed Ly, Senior Research Associate
Climate scientist based at our Lomé office, supports the IMPACT project in the West African region.


Dr. Reinhard Mechler, Guest Researcher
Guest researcher and leading expert in risk management in the context of climate change

Dr Mélinda Noblet, Climate Impact and Adaptation Expert
Mélinda is based in Dakar, Senegal and works on climate vulnerability assessments for Senegal and the wider region as part of the Science-based adaptation planning in Sub-Saharan Africa project.

Patrick Pringle, Senior Research Associate: Climate Change Strategies
Patrick is based in Apia, Samoa and supports the team in the coordination and implementation of the IMPACT project in the Pacific Region

Dr. Adelle Thomas, Scientific Advisor
Based in the Bahamas, Adelle works on the IMPACT project in the Caribbean region.

Dr. Edmond Totin, Climate Impact and Adaptation Expert
Based in Benin, and contributes to the implementation of the PAS-PNA project that aims at supporting a science-based National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process in in francophone sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr. Aichetou Seck, Geographer, Environmentalist
Based in Dakar, Aichetou supports the coordination of the PAS-PNA Project

Alcade C. Segnon, Project Assistant
Supports the PAS-PNA project in Benin

Climate Diplomacy

Damon Jones, Head of Climate Diplomacy
Experienced climate lawyer who leads Climate Analytics’ negotiation support and diplomacy activities relating to the UNFCCC, Paris Agreement, Green Climate Fund and other international climate fora. These activities focus in particular on advising the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Least Developed Countries (LDCs) groups in international negotiations.


Manjeet Dhakal, Head of LDC Support Team
Based in Kathmandu, Nepal; Advisor to the LDC Chair for the multilateral process of the UNFCCC; Contributing to UNFCCC negotiations since 2009, Paris Agreement in 2015 and Post Paris Implementation; Board of Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) and Faculty for Climate Change Diplomacy at the Pokhara University, School of Environmental Science and Management, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Rueanna Haynes, Legal Advisor
Based in the US; an experienced international lawyer supporting our Climate Diplomacy team in their work with Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Leon Charles, Consultant, Charles & Associates Inc., St. George’s, Grenada
Experienced climate change professional in the Caribbean region, partner in the IMPACT project.


Claire Fyson, Research Analyst
Scientific Advisor during negotiations under the IPCC and UNFCCC.

Mahlet Eyassu Melkie, Climate Finance Policy Analyst
Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; specialises in international climate finance and the development and operationalisation of the Green Climate Fund; She supports the LDC team on climate finance issues.

Bianka Kretschmer, Policy Analyst
Working on international climate finance with a focus on the UN climate negotiations and the Green Climate Fund. She leads our support to the Small Island Developing States representatives on the Board of the Green Climate Fund.

Rodrigo Narvaez, Student Assistant

Implementation Strategies

New York

Laetitia De Marez, Director, Climate Analytics New York / Head of Implementation Strategies
Senior Climate Policy Analyst heading our office in New York and specialising in international climate finance and readiness. She is actively engaged in the development and operationalisation of the Green Climate Fund.

Frances Fuller, Implementation Specialist
Focuses on supporting adaptation and mitigation implementation projects particularly in the Caribbean and similar work undertaken in other regions.


Gilbert Oladé Balo Akakpo, Science-Policy Interface Coordinator
Coordinates the collaboration between climate policy and science teams and the integration of scientific information into strategy development processes under the Impact project.

Kouassigan Tovivo, Policy Analyst and Adaptation Expert
Works on several international projects related to national adaptation planning process and low carbon development strategies, with a particular focus on implementation in sub-Sahara francophone Africa.


Dr. Jan Sindt, Climate Policy Analyst
Based in Hamburg, Germany; leading technical analyst supporting (I)NDC projects.

Climate Policy Analysis


Dr. Ursula Fuentes Hutfilter, Climate Policy Analysis – Acting Head
Based in Australia, focuses on the development of climate policy and energy transformation strategies in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Dr Tina Aboumahboub, Climate Policy Analyst
Works in the area of integrated assessment modeling, energy and climate change mitigation economics and policy.

Dr. Andrzej Ancygier Climate Policy Analyst
Political scientist specialising in the European energy and climate policy as well as transition towards low-carbon economy, contributing to the Climate Action Tracker and analysis of the INDCs submitted before the climate summit in Paris.

Dr. Robert Brecha, Visiting Scientist
Highly experienced scientist with a focus on climate modelling and science-policy interface.

Jasmin Cantzler, Climate Policy Analyst
Leads the Climate Action Tracker, analyses the impact of current policies, pledges, targets and NDCs on national emissions.

Gaurav Ganti, Student Assistant
Climate Action Tracker project

Dr. Andreas Geiges, Scientific Model and Data Analyst

Dr. Antje Kästner, Project Manager
Based in Berlin, supports Climate policy related projects

Niklas Roming, Climate Policy Analyst
Supports the team in a wide array of tasks, including qualitative and quantitative analyses of climate policy in different countries, as well as regional and in the global context.

Fabio Sferra, Climate Policy Analyst
Contributing his expertise in the field of integrated assessment modelling and mitigation policies for the Climate Action Tracker project and supporting analysis of country positions for SIDS and LDCs.

Paola Yanguas Parra, Decarbonisation Strategies Team Lead / Climate Policy Analyst
Leads modelling and analytical work on the decarbonisation of the energy sector in the context of the Paris Agreement, with emphasis on identifying strategies to phase out coal and other fossil fuels in the power sector.

Luis Zamarioli, Research Analyst
Supports the science team on the MAGIC Project.

Dr. Anne Zimmer, Climate Change Economist
Works on several projects related to co-benefits of mitigation and adaptation, climate impacts and avoided damages.

Project Development and Communications

Lorraine Brindel-Schild, Head of Development and Partnerships,
Responsible for the coordination and management of fundraising activities and facilitates Climate Analytics’ relationships with funders and strategic partners.

Sarah Heck, Junior Manager, Project Development
Supports the Project Development Team

Ela Smith, Senior Communications Officer,

Marc Hall, Communications Officer,

Matt Beer, Data Visualisation & Graphic Design Specialist,

Global Administration and Support

Amandine Berger, Head of Project Management
Ms Berger is on maternity leave

Claudia Neumann, Human Resources Manager,

Alma Jurgelaityte, Global Team Assistant,

Imogen Rickert, Junior Manager -Global Logistics

Victoria Redmond, Head of Global Finance,

Tania Delgado Martinez, Finance Officer,

Luka Vasilj, Finance Officer


Flavien Kwadjo Ezobafuno Vidja, Project Manager
Supports the team in Lomé in the areas capacity building and implementation.

Holali Ametepe, Administrative Assistant
Provides administrative support at our Togo office.

Amen Eklou, Financial Accountant
Provides finance support at our Togo office.