Rachel Pham

Project Manager

Implementation Strategies


    Rachel Pham is a project manager at Climate Analytics’ New York office, where she manages a portfolio of projects relating to climate finance readiness and NAP financing projects in the Caribbean. She also leads on organising events and contributes to fundraising and new projects acquisition.

    She has gained diverse experience in non-profit Development at the grassroots organization, WE ACT for Environmental Justice, where she managed major fundraising events; and supported funding procurement through grant writing, individual donor base building, and board engagement. She is passionate about equitable processes to improve environmental conditions and reduce climate impacts on minorities.

    Prior to working at WE ACT, Rachel briefly served as a youth program educator at City Growers introducing sustainable urban agriculture concepts to elementary students, and provided additional development support.

    Rachel earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies from New York University, with minors in Biology, and Computer Web Programming and Applications.