Jane Ellis

Head of Climate Policy Analysis

Executive Team, Management Team, Climate Policy Analysis


    Jane Ellis

    Jane Ellis is Head of Climate Policy at Climate Analytics and is based in Berlin. She directs the team's work on developing 1.5°C compatible pathways, energy system transformation, fossil fuel phaseout strategies at international, national and sub-national level, and tracking and assessing climate action at these levels.

    Jane is an internationally-recognised climate expert with more than 30 years of both broad and deep experience in international climate policy, mitigation, carbon markets, climate finance and transparency. She led the OECD/IEA’s Climate Change Expert Group for 15 years, the OECD’s Research Collaborative for Tracking Finance for Climate Action for 9 years, and the OECD’s contributions to the G7 Carbon Market Platform for 5 years. Her work has assessed mitigation options and policies in key sectors (e.g., electricity, industry) and systems (e.g., food), and for a wide variety of countries. The results of these analyses have influenced international climate negotiations on carbon markets, climate finance and transparency. Jane has co-written four books, more than 60 papers, several peer-reviewed articles, and contributed to many other reports. She was nominated to the CDM Executive Board’s Methodology Panel in 2002-06 and the Advisory Committee for the Initiative on Climate Action Transparency in 2017-19. Her work was recognised for contributing to the IPCC’s 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Jane has a masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London (UK) and an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, Resources and the Environment from York University (UK).