Dr Mamadou Sadio

PAS-PNA+ In-country Coordinator (Senegal)

Implementation Strategies


    Mamadou Sadio has joined Climate Analytics in October 2020 as PAS PNA II Project National Coordinator in Senegal. He has already had a first opportunity to work with Climate Analytics, as Post-Doc, to carry out study on coastal vulnerability to climate variability and change and adaptation options at the Saloum River Delta coast, as part of the PAS-PNA Project.

    He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Geography, specialising in Coastal Geomorphology field, since December 2017, in International Joint Supervision at the Dakar Cheikh Anta DIOP University and Aix-Marseille University.

    He has also been National Consultant to support feasibility study for coastal climate change adaptation solutions within the framework of WACA (West Africa Coastal Area Management Program). Mamadou has also worked with the Africa Center of Excellence in Coastal Resilience (ACECoR) and the CREOCEAN, a French company providing services and consulting in Oceanography and Coastal Environment.

    In addition, he has taught, as part-time lecturer, tutorial courses in Structural Geomorphology for License 2 at the Geography Department of the Dakar University Cheikh Anta DIOP, and teaches the course on Oceanography, Estuaries and Deltas: Natural hazards (storm, marine submersion, and surge) and Coastal Erosion at the Integrated Management and Sustainable Development of West African Coast (GIDEL) Master.