Dr Adelle Thomas

Senior Scientist, Loss and Damage Lead

Climate Science and Impacts


    Adelle Thomas

    Adelle is a Senior Scientist at Climate Analytics and our Loss and Damage Lead. Her areas of research focus on adaptation, limits to adaptation, and loss and damage in the developing world, with a particular focus on small island developing states. Adelle is also a Senior Fellow at the Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Research Centre at the University of The Bahamas.

    A human-environment geographer, Adelle has over 16 years of practice in the intersections between climate action and development. Her research and policy experience have centred on conceptualising, assessing and responding to loss and damage at international, national and sub-national scales; assessing constraints and limits to adaptation; and investigating how climate change intersects with other development challenges. She has extensive experience in providing scientific advice at the climate-policy interface, including in the UNFCCC and in national and sub-national policy processes.

    Adelle has served as a Lead Author for the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C, Sixth Assessment Report Working Group II and Sixth Assessment Synthesis Report. She was also a Contributing Author and Chapter Scientist for the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report Working Group II. Adelle serves as a member of several groups, including the UNFCCC Technical Expert Group on Comprehensive Risk Management; the Liaison Committee of the Regional Focal Point for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Science Council; and the Regional Advisory Committee for the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund in the Caribbean. She has previously served as a member of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee and the National Sustainable Development Goals Committee for the Bahamas.

    Adelle has authored an array of academic publications and has provided scientific services to organisations including the Global Environment Facility, Inter-American Development Bank, International Maritime Organisation, GIZ and national institutions in the USA and Caribbean. Adelle obtained a PhD and MS in Geography from Rutgers University, a BS in Civil Engineering from University of Minnesota and and BA in Engineering Science from Macalester College.

    A list of Adelle’s publications can be found here.