Dr Michiel Schaeffer

Lead Science Advisor


Dr Michiel Schaeffer

Dr Michiel Schaeffer is Lead Science Advisor at Climate Analytics and is one of the founders. He is a biophysicist and received his PhD in Dynamic Meteorology at University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, specialising in the interactions between atmosphere, ocean, ecosystems and society. Michiel has over 20 years of experience and expertise in climate modelling and climate impact science, mitigation and adaptation, and providing scientific advice at the climate-policy interface for both developing and developed countries, including targeted scientific support to SIDS and LDCs in the UNFCCC process. He focuses on expanding Climate Analytics’ research and expertise, and helps bring together the scientific assessments with the policy applications across Climate Analytics. He is an author of, a.o. UNEP Emissions and Adaptation Gap reports, World Bank Turn Down the Heat reports, IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report and many peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Michiel is also Chief Scientist at the Global Center on Adaptation and affiliated with the Environmental System Analysis, Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR). Based from 2005 to 2009 in Accra, Ghana and in Kigali, Rwanda, he has worked on building up co-operation with applied scientists and policy makers in the Western and Eastern-African regions on the subject of climate change research and policy applications.

He brings high-level scientific skills, experience in the international climate policy world, a broad understanding of climate policy and science, high capacities in science communication, presentation and writing, and extensive experience in managing teams of scientists developing state of the art models, tools and products.

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