1 July, 2013

Adequacy and feasibility of the 1.5°C long-term global limit


Michiel Schaeffer, Bill Hare, Marcia Rocha, Joeri Rogelj

Scientific assessments have shown that impacts are projected to worsen significantly above a global warming of 1.5, or 2°C from pre-industrial levels. Such assessments have contributed to the adoption of 2°C as a global goal during the climate talks in Copenhagen 2009. In Cancun in 2010, countries agreed to review the global goal with the perspective of strengthening this to 1.5°C.

This report analysis how the 2°C goal has affected global climate ambition and makes the case for increasing this goal to 1.5°C due to the projected increased severity of climate impacts and the required ambition to counter the speed of climate change.