8 December, 2012

Warning of climate science - again - written in Doha sand


Niklas Höhne, Marion Vieweg, Bill Hare, Michiel Schaeffer, Joeri Rogelj, Marcia Rocha, Johannes Gütschow, Carl­‐Friedrich Schleussner, Felix Fallasch, Julia Larkin, Hanna Fekete,

While the official UNFCCC negotiations made some limited progress, encouraging developments on the margins give hope that faster progress is possible. On the official side, minor steps were made towards more emission reductions, including the agreement of a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, continuation of climate finance and initiation of a discussion on raising the ambition level before 2020.

On the margins of the negotiations, numerous actions provide encouraging signals, including new pledges by countries, significant policy activity to meet the pledges and increased support for additional complementary initiatives to raise the ambition level. All in all, the world is still set to warm well above 3°C with current action.