Science Assessment
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Climate science is highly complex and the policy implications are not always clear. We make the latest climate science easily accessible for stakeholders in the international climate change arena.

 ©Sarah Depper, CC BY 2.0
©Sarah Depper, CC BY 2.0

Role of Non-CO2 gases and air pollutants

Apart from carbon dioxide (CO2), the climate system is affected by other substances in the atmosphere with human sources, including non-CO2 greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Some of these have a shorter residence time in the atmosphere than CO2. The residence time and the strength of the effects on climate are determined by processes in the atmosphere, including chemical processes between emitted species and physical processes including these species as well, influencing direct lights scattering and cloud cover and properties. In particular the effects of air pollutants, such as sulphate aerosols and soot, are very uncertain and the topic of continuing research.




Science and policy to assist and support SIDSs and LDCs to negotiate a strong international climate regime, enabling low carbon development and supporting adaptation needs.