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Vale Tony de Brum

Vale Tony de Brum

Marshall Islands climate ambassador Tony de Brum died aged 72 on Tuesday at his home in Majuro. Here's a statement from Climate Analytics CEO Bill Hare, who had the honour to work with him in the UN climate negotiation process.
2017, August 23

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EU Coal Phase Out

When should the EU shut down its 300+ coal plants to meet the Paris Agreement's long-term temperature limit? Our report outlines a science-based schedule for a coal phase-out in Europe.

Ratification Tracker

The Paris Agreement has entered into force in November 2016, when the double threshold of 55 countries and 55% global emissions was crossed. We continue to track the progress of ratification on this page.


Roster of ExpertsWork with us

Would you like to join our network of expert associates to work on projects relating to implementation of climate action, policy development, adaptation and mitigation strategic planning, climate finance readiness and scientific capacity building? We would love to hear form you!


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The ‘Islands COP’ 2017: 1.5°C science, significance and ingredients for success

Fiji’s presidency of COP23, the first ‘Islands COP,’ offers an opportunity for SIDS and other most vulnerable countries to put their concerns and ambitions at the forefront of the negotiations and in the implementation process. This event will present the latest science on climate impacts on small islands to underscore the urgency of action, discuss the key ingredients for success of COP23 and opportunities to accelerate Paris Agreement implementation.  

Climate Hub, Instituto Cervantes
211 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017

Half a degree could make a world of difference

Observational records show us that half a degree of warming in the recent past has brought significant increases in extreme weather events, which provides another line of evidence for what an additional 0.5°C of warming could entail.  
30 June 2017

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How to plan for the intensifying hurricanes of a warming world

How to plan for the intensifying hurricanes of a warming world Pacific Standard

Will global warming make hurricanes worse? It's a disturbing sign of our times that such a simple question can trigger a political storm—especially because the answer will save lives and money. A possible link between global warming and hurricanes is important because its affects people, not because it proves an ideological point. Quoting Climate Analytics' Dr Carl-Friedrich Schleussner.

2017, September 07

Australia urged to aim for 100% renewables by 2030s

Australia urged to aim for 100% renewables by 2030sRenewEconomy

One of the world’s leading climate experts says Australia needs to aim for 100 per cent renewables within two decades as part of its efforts to meet climate targets, and it stands to reap enormous economic – and environmental – benefits if it does. Coverage of Climate Analytics' CEO Dr Bill Hare's talk at Keith Roby Memorial Lecture at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.

2017, August 24