November 2021– December 2022

Climate vulnerability monitor


Climate Vulnerability Forum, Global Center on Adaptation, Lancent Countdown, Finres, Global Data Lab, Mercator Research Institute, Climate Media Factory

The Climate Vulnerability Monitor, funded by the UN and spearheaded by the Climate Vulnerability Forum, aims to develop a global report and tool exploring climate change impacts, with a particular focus on the world’s most vulnerable countries. Climate Analytics leads the science consortium for this project.

The Climate Vulnerability Monitor is a unique global knowledge product and tool for responses to climate change – at international, regional and national levels. Last published in 2012, it is one of the most comprehensive quantified assessments of the economic impact of climate change.

It provides explicit, quantified information as estimates for the total impact of climate change in economic, public health and ecological terms as a basis for formulating practical policy recommendations.

Nearly a decade has passed since the publication of the last Climate Vulnerability Monitor and no equivalent global assessment study has since been produced.

The next Climate Vulnerability Monitor

The next Climate Vulnerability Monitor will be published in Q3 2022 and will feature more advanced and effective methodological approaches and incorporate the latest data and research. These approaches will build on the achievements realised with the Monitor series to date.

The latest Monitor updates and evolves the methodological approaches of the 2012 Climate Vulnerability Monitor and aims to:

  • Further add to the scientific integrity of the Monitor’s unique approach;
  • Build on the significant advances in climate impact and vulnerability research; and
  • Provide a more consultatively developed and deliberately adapted resource for policy-relevant target groups.

To achieve these objectives, the Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2022 will be developed by a research consortium, with each member providing distinctive components for this comprehensive resource. The Science Consortium, led by Climate Analytics, is one of the partners contributing to the overall CVM3 and was responsible for the creation of the Biophysical data explorer.