Our projects


What happens when you don’t, or can’t, migrate?


January 2023– December 2025

When climate impacts hit, there are those who don’t, or can’t, leave. The Immobility in a changing climate (ITHACA) project looks at the choices and constraints that lead to people’s immobility in the face of climate change, and what ramifications that has for their lives.

Climate impacts on socioeconomic development


November 2018– October 2021

SLICE is investigating Short and Long-Term Impacts of Climate Extremes and aims to develop a systematic understanding of the channels through which climate extremes impact socio-economic development all the way from the household to the macroeconomic level. This will help developing effective strategies for long-term economic development under climate change.

Climate vulnerability monitor


November 2021– December 2022

The Climate Vulnerability Monitor, funded by the UN and spearheaded by the Climate Vulnerability Forum, aims to develop a global report and tool exploring climate change impacts, with a particular focus on the world’s most vulnerable countries. Climate Analytics leads the science consortium for this project.