Climate Policy Analysis

Bill Hare, D.Sc.(hon. causa) (Murdoch)
Dr Michiel Schaeffer

Executive Team
Bill Hare, D.Sc.(hon. causa) (Murdoch)
Thushanti Selvarajah
Damon Jones
Frances Fuller
Deborah Ramalope
Christina Eisenberg

Climate Science and Impacts
Dr Carl-Friedrich Schleussner
Dr Tabea Lissner
Inga Menke
Dr Fahad Saeed
Dr Rosanne Martyr-Koller
Dr Adelle Thomas
Dr Alexander Nauels
Dr Quentin Lejeune
Dr Kai Kornhuber
Dr Anne Zimmer
Olivia Serdeczny
Jessie Schleypen
Dr Shruti Nath
Uta Klönne
René Rott
Winnie Khaemba
Dr Peter Pfleiderer
Nicole van Maanen
Emily Theokritoff
Gaurav Ganti
Theresa Rauch
Sarah Schöngart
Burcu Yesil
Jean-David Coulibaly
Tessa Möller
Sylvia Schmidt
Sajid Ali
Jacob Anz
Niklas Schwind
Andyara Callegare
Zachary Zeller
Dalia Kellou
Cristian Zuniga
Zeinab Nabelssi

Climate Diplomacy
Damon Jones
Manjeet Dhakal
Rueanna Haynes
Tenzin Wangmo
Ndeye Dieynaba Sow
Aichetou Seck
Kristin Qui
Felipe Ossess
Carlon Mendoza
Sneha Pandey
Marli Klass
Ella Strachan
Sasha Jattansingh
Rosalia Maier-Katkin

Implementation Strategies
Dr Jan Sindt
Frances Fuller
Dr Moussa Na Abou Mamouda
Paolo Cozzi
Rachel Pham
Diego Torralva Becerra
Benjamin Komna Djabare
Mahugnon Serge Djohy
Dr Mamadou Sadio
Dr Alexandre Yedjannavo Zounmenou
Dr Edmond Lankouandé
Cocou Amegnaglo
Rodrigo Narvaez Rojas
Arunima Sircar
Raghuveer Vyas
Dr Robert Brecha
Geneviève Yéhounmè

Climate Policy Analysis
Deborah Ramalope
Claire Fyson
Dr Andrzej Ancygier
Claire Stockwell
Dr Lara Welder
Dr Andreas Geiges
Dr Kim Coetzee
Dr Jonas Hörsch
Clare Waldmann
Marie-Camille Attard
Carley Reynolds
Dr. Victor Maxwell
Dr Tina Aboumahboub
Sarah Heck
Eoin Quill
Dr. Nandini Das
Firza Riany
Jason Collis
Rongxi Guo
Michael Petroni
Marie-Charlotte Geffray
Dr. Neil Grant
Thomas Houlie
Sepideh Rabiee
Olivia Waterton

Paul May
Holly Simpkin
Bianca Beddoe
Cindy Baxter
Jeannette Koffi

Project Development, Partnerships
Christina Eisenberg
Benedikta Heldman
Sally Wichmann

Global Operations
Thushanti Selvarajah
Sophie Schendel
Sally Knowles
Hajnal Vernes
Bernard Naiborhu
Emilie Adotevi
Joyce Abonga Odhiambo
Paul Binder
Namroz Baloch
Mavis Mainu
Jack Brooks
Larissa Smailes
Samita Sharma
Laura Jefcoate
Anne-Sophie Dieng
Sharmila Sugunanand

The Policy Team assesses the effectiveness of international strategies and national climate policies, including low-carbon development plans, in meeting global climate goals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst achieving sustainable development goals. One important aspect of this work is the Climate Action Tracker (CAT), an independent scientific analysis lead in cooperation with three other research institutes. The analyses are made publicly available, thereby increasing transparency and encouraging countries to make pledges or increase their level of national action.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mitigation options and adequacy of action
  • Integrated assessment models
  • NDC support and analysis
  • Emissions gap assessment
  • Ecosystem dynamics
  • Data analysis and visualisation
  • Energy systems and emissions trading
  • Sustainable development
  • Capacity building
  • Programming and modeling