Dr Adelle Thomas

Senior Caribbean Research Associate


Dr Adelle Thomas

Adelle is Senior Caribbean Research Associate for the IMPACT project and part of the Science team. Her particular focus is on aspects of social vulnerability, adaptation strategies and loss and damage.

Since November 2019, Adelle is also Director of the newly established Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Research Centre at the University of the Bahamas. Prior to joining Climate Analytics, Adelle was an Assistant Professor at University of The Bahamas and Director of the Climate Change Initiative there. As a human-environment geographer, she is interested in the particular vulnerabilities and adaptation potentials for small island developing states. Adelle has worked for several years on intersections between climate change adaptation, environmental protection and development. Her research has centered on varying aspects of adaptation and social vulnerability including examining the potential of insurance as an adaptation strategy; knowledge, awareness and perception of the public about climate change; assessing opportunities, barriers and limits to adaptation; and challenges facing small islands in managing loss and damage.

Adelle is an lead author in the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report and the Special Report on 1.5°C, and has authored a variety of academic publications and has also provided scientific services to a number of organisations including the Global Environment Facility, Inter-American Development Bank, International Maritime Organization and national institutions in the USA and Bahamas. Adelle obtained a PhD in Geography from Rutgers University (2012) and a BS in Civil Engineering from University of Minnesota and Macalester College (2005).

A list of Adelle’s publications can be found here.

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