Dr Fahad Saeed

Scientific Model and Data Manager/ Regional Climate Scientist



+49(0)30 259 22 95-24

Blogs & media

El Niño: A looming disaster, The Third Pole, 02 March, 2016,
Sound byte: Expect more extreme weather this year, Daily Dawn, 12 February, 2016
Heatwave likely to hit urban areas this year, Daily Dawn, 14 March, 2016
Climate Change and Migration to Cities migration-to-cities/, PRISE Blog Post, 05 June, 2015
A challenge for cities of the future details2187-article-2015.html, Daily Times, 26 May, 2015
Temperatures, heatwaves set to increase, Daily Dawn, 12 December, 2014
Tackling global warming: Climate Change driving migration to urban areas, The Express Tribune, 14 December, 2014
The Perpetual Pump, Max-Planck Research Magazine, April, 2013,
The Fate of the Big rain Max-Planck Research Magazine, January, 2011

Fahad supports the Science Team in the development and maintenance of a database structure for climate data, including general circulation models and gridded climate impact and socio-economic data, the coordination of climate science analyses and similar projects.

He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and reports on a variety of climate-related topics, such as climatology, hydrology and glaciology. In addition to this work, he has written and contributed to various articles which concentrate on creating awareness about climate change and has also made contributions to climate communications in the form of social media appearances. He has a background in Physics and has dedicated his professional career, which he started at the Global Climate Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC) to issues surrounding climate change and its impacts.

Prior to joining Climate Analytics, Fahad worked at the Centre of Excellence Climate Change Research (CECCR) at the King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia, where he still is an Adjunct Professor. He was also Research Fellow and Head of Environment and Climate Change Unit at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in Islamabad, Pakistan, where he conducted research in climatology, hydrology and agriculture and was climate change advisor for the Pathways to Resilience in Semi-Arid Economics (PRISE) Project.

He has a background in physics and holds a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology at the University of Hamburg.


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