Dr Tina Aboumahboub

Climate Policy Analyst


Dr Tina Aboumahboub

Climate Policy Analyst Dr Tina Abouhmaboub contributes her core expertise in the area of integrated assessment modelling, energy and climate change mitigation economics and policy. As both an energy economist and energy-systems engineer, she is experienced in modelling and optimisation of energy systems, analysing the uptake of renewable energy, modelling global emissions and energy transformation pathways, bottom-up assessment of implications of energy and climate policies. Her further specialty is in the area of modelling and analysis of decarbonisation pathways of the power sector.

Before joining Climate Analytics, she worked as a Postdoc at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research mainly contributing to the multi-model comparison study of LIMITS under the EU 7th Framework Programme. Tina has a PhD in Energy Economics from the Technical University of Munich. Her Thesis was on modelling and optimization of the global power sector with a particular focus on the integration of fluctuating renewables.


    • Climate Action Tracker Reports and Updates
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