Dr Fahad Saeed

Scientific Model and Data Manager / Regional Climate Scientist


Dr Fahad Saeed

Fahad is part of the Climate Analytics Science Team. He works on the development and maintenance of a database structure for climate data, including general circulation models and gridded climate impact and socio-economic data, the coordination of climate science analyses and similar projects.

He has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications on the topics climate change, climatology, Hydrology/Glaciology 
and climate policy. These publications span the wide range of renowned scientific journals. In addition to this work, he has written and contributed to various articles which concentrate on creating awareness about climate change and has also made contributions to climate communications in the form of social media appearances.

He has a background in Physics and has dedicated his professional career, which he started at the Global Climate Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC) to issues surrounding climate change and its impacts.

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