Closing the 2020 emissions gap: issues, options and strategies

There have been an increasing number of statements from some in the scientific community and other commentators that meeting the 2°C warming goal is now beyond reach. It is clear that emissions are rising at such a rate that present trends are jeopardizing the world’s ability to
meet these warming goals. Present emission trends place the world on a trajectory to exceed 3°C warming by 2100 by a wide margin. The International Energy Agency has repeatedly warned that we are running out of time to adopt the required measures to get onto a low emissions pathway and that there is a growing risk of locking into a high emissions infrastructure that would be inconsistent with a temperature increase of 2°C or less.

Date Published
2012, August 03

Bill Hare, Michiel Schaeffer, Marcia Rocha, Joeri Rogelj, Niklas Höhne, Kornelis Blok, Kees van der Leun, Nicholas Harrison

Children's Investment Fund Foundation

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