14 November, 2023

State of Climate Action 2023


Sophie Boehm, Louise Jeffery, Judit Hecke, Clea Schumer, Joel Jaeger, Claire Fyson, and Kelly Levin

Photo by Adam Sébire / Climate Visuals

The State of Climate Action 2023 sets 1.5°C-aligned 2030 and 2050 targets across power, buildings, industry, transport, forests and land, and food and agriculture – sectors that account for roughly 85% of global greenhouse emissions. It also looks at progress on carbon removal technologies and climate finance.

We find that global efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C are failing across the board, with recent progress made on every indicator – except electric vehicle sales – lagging behind the pace and scale needed to address the climate crisis.

Summary of progress towards 2030 targets

Published under Systems Change Lab, this is joint report by Bezos Earth Fund, Climate Action Tracker (a project of Climate Analytics and NewClimate Institute), ClimateWorks Foundation, the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions and World Resources Institute.