Making or breaking climate targets: The AMPERE study on staged accession scenarios for climate policy

Date Published 2015, January

Authors Kriegler, E., Riahi, K., Bauer, N., Schwanitz, V.J., Petermann, N., Bosetti, V., Marcucci, A., Otto, S., Paroussos, L., Rao-Skirbekk, S., Arroyo Curras, T., Ashina, S., Bollen, J., Eom, J., Hamdi-Cherif, M., Kitous, A., Mejean, A., Schaeffer, M., Wada, K., Capros, P., van Vuuren, D. and Edenhofer, O.

Journal Technological Forecasting & Social Change
90 Part A, 24-44, doi: 10.1016/j.techfore.2013.09.021