China and the US: how does their climate action compare?

Together, China and the US emit about 35% of today’s greenhouse gas emissions. Current global climate change action is insufficient to limit warming below 2°C. By improving action of China and the US to global best practice, these two largest emitters could decrease domestic emissions to a level compatible with 2°C and together close 23% of the 2020 emissions gap. For 2030, this would mean a decrease in emissions below current global policy projections by 10%.

Date Published
2014, October 21

Niklas Höhne, Hanna Fekete, Markus Hagemann, Karlien Wouters, Bill Hare, Michiel Schaeffer, Fabio Sferra, Marie Lindberg, Louise Jeffery, Marcia Rocha, Cindy Baxter

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