National ‘fair shares’ in reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the principled framework of international environmental law

Peer-reviewed Papers

September 2021

This article tests fairness justifications offered in 168 nationally determined contributions to the 2015 Paris Agreement against the touchstone of principles of international environmental law and finds some justify their contributions on the basis of indicators not backed by such principles.

Fair-share carbon dioxide removal increases major emitter responsibility

Peer-reviewed Papers

July 2020
The Paris Agreement long-term temperature goal is to be achieved on the basis of equity. Accomplishing this goal will require carbon dioxide removal (CDR), yet existing plans for CDR deployment are insufficient to meet potential global needs, and equitable approaches for distributing CDR responsibilities between nations are lacking.This study applies two common burden-sharing principles to show how CDR responsibility could be shared between regions in 1.5°C and 2°C mitigation pathways.