Key mitigation options to close the global 2030 ambition and action gap

Date Published 2020, September

Authors Ursula Fuentes, Marie-Camille Attard, Ryan Wilson, Gaurav Ganti, Claire Fyson, Matthias Duwe, Hannes Böttcher

Institution German Environment Agency

Staying within the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C warming limit requires closing the global 2030 ambition and action gap arising from governments’ currently insufficient policies and contributions. G20 countries have a crucial role to play in realising increased climate policy ambition, given their strong economic and political influence as well as their high share in global greenhouse gas emissions. This background paper provides an overview of mitigation options from recent literature and analyses the role of the G20 in their implementation. It provides the basis to identify key policy areas and promising options for intergovernmental cooperation between the G20 nations or other relevant actors.