Our projects


Climate change risk analysis to support the Network for Greening the Financial System


April 2020– December 2024

The Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) is a voluntary group of banks and supervisors that aim to share best practices on climate risk management in the financial sector and to mobilise mainstream finance to promote the transition to a sustainable economy. Climate Analytics contributes to this work by providing estimates of risk from climate change impacts using future climate projections and makes them publicly available through the Climate Impact Explorer online tool.

Aerial view of a forest


October 2022– September 2026
ForestNavigator (Navigating European forests and forest bioeconomy sustainably to EU climate neutrality) is a new ambitious pan-European research project, aiming at assessing the climate mitigation potential of European forests and forest-based sectors through modelling of policy pathways consistent with the best standards of land-use and forestry.
Coal phase-out


December 2015

Coal is the most carbon intensive fossil fuel - phasing it out is key to achieving the 1.5°C Paris Agreement goal. Most emissions from coal are in the electricity sector, so coal’s phase-out is relatively cheap and easy, as the technologies that can replace it already exist. Our research shows coal needs to be phased out globally by 2040 for the world to meet its climate commitments.

Gas phase-out


January 2017

Fossil gas has long been marketed as a “bridge fuel” on the way to a cleaner energy system – a less-polluting alternative to coal. But this is a dangerous fallacy promoted by vested interests. Our research shows gas needs to be phased out globally by 2045 for the world to meet its climate commitments.