1 January, 2012

National GHG emissions reduction pledges and 2°C: comparison of studies


Niklas Höhne, Christopher Taylor, Ramzi Elias, Michel den Elzen, Keywan Riahi, Claudine Chen, Joeri Rogelj, Giacomo Grassi, Fabian Wagner, Kelly Levin, Emanuele Massetti & Zhao Xiusheng

This article provides further detail on expected global GHG emission levels in 2020, based on the 2010 Emissions Gap Report, assuming the emission reduction proposals in the Copenhagen Accord and Cancun Agreements are met.

Large differences are found in the results of individual groups owing to uncertainties in current and projected emission estimates and in the interpretation of the reduction proposals. Regardless of these uncertainties, the pledges for 2020 are expected to deliver emission levels above those that are consistent with a 2°C limit.