Impacts of 1.5 versus 2.0 °C on cereal yields in the West African Sudan Savanna

Date Published 2018, February

Authors Babacar Faye, Heidi Webber, Jesse B Naab, Dilys S MacCarthy, Myriam Adam, Frank Ewert, John P A Lamers, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner, Alex Ruane, Ursula Gessner, Gerrit Hoogenboom, Ken Boote, Vakhtang Shelia, Fahad Saeed, Dominik Wisser, Sofia Hadir, Patrick Laux and Thomas Gaiser

Journal Environmental Research Letters
Volume 13, Number 3,

This study considers the impact on crop yields and yield variability in regions currently challenged by food insecurity. It assesses impacts of 1.5 °C versus 2.0 °C on yields of maize, pearl millet and sorghum in the West African Sudan Savanna using two crop models that were calibrated with common varieties from experiments in the region with management reflecting a range of typical sowing windows.