Climate change impacts in Central Asia and their implications for development

Date Published 2015, December

Authors Reyer CPO, IM Otto, S Adams, T Albrecht, F Baarsch, M Cartsburg, D Coumou, A Eden, E Ludi, R Marcus, M Mengel, B Mosello, A Robinson,C. F. Schleussner, O Serdeczny, J Stagl

This paper synthesizes what is known about the physical and biophysical impacts of climate change and their consequences for societies and development under different levels of global warming in Central Asia. Projections show mean temperatures increasing by up to 6.5 °C compared to pre-industrial level by the end of this century across the region. Climate change could mostly decrease crop yields, challenging food security, but in more northern regions there could also be positive effects. Studies on climate change impacts on energy systems are scarce and yield conflicting results, but the more regional study shows decreasing prospects for hydropower.