Dr Quentin Lejeune

Research Associate


+49 (0)30 259 22 95-44

Dr Quentin Lejeune

Based in Berlin, Quentin works mainly as a part of the Stakeholder Engagement Team for the ISIpedia project. He coordinates and organises stakeholder engagement activities such as international workshops or surveys in a close cooperation with the other team members and partners of the project. More specifically, he is in charge of the co-production of climate impact information with stakeholders by developing and computing impact indicators for which they have expressed their interest. In addition, he supports the Science team on issues related to climate physics and climate impacts.

Before joining Climate Analytics, Quentin was conducting research in the field of climate science, focusing on the consequences of past and future land-cover changes on regional climate, and the evaluation of related processes in climate models. He conducted his PhD in Climate Science at ETH Zürich, where he later worked as a postdoc and where he is still affiliated. He has also authored a number of peer-reviewed articles related to his previous positions in academia.

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