30 October, 2014

Did the UN Climate Summit progress on efforts to hold back warming?

Comments from the Climate Action Tracker research group.

Bill Hare, Director, Climate Analytics:

“The almost universal reaffirmation of a commitment to limit warming below 2degC by leaders at the Summit, along with virtually no new commitments to reduce emissions from the 4degC path we are on, places enormous pressure now on the next six months.”

“Governments must, by March next year, submit proposals that collectively meet the 2degC goal that was so strongly supported at the Summit. Its real test now lies ahead of us – was it just a talkfest or will it lead to the major increases in ambition needed?”

Niklas Höhne, Director Energy and Climate Policy, Ecofys:

“The statements by national governments are a firm commitment to action. But none of the commitments described in terms of greenhouse gas emissions by national governments are new, and have been made in other contexts.”

“New elements are financial commitments by the EU, Japan and USA and commitments by non state actors, e.g. investors and cities.”

“The impact of all announcements on global temperature increase is not yet clear, but do not yet present a step change. With current policies we are on a track towards 3.7°C.”

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