Sneha Pandey

Climate Diplomacy and Policy Analyst


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Sneha Pandey

Sneha is based at the Ministry of Forests and Environment in Kathmandu, Nepal where she currently supports the 2020 NDC enhancement process under the Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP) of NDC-Partnership. In this position, she helps assess existing country policies and trends to inform the 2020 NDC, coordinates in-country activities and events and acts as a focal point between the government and Climate Analytics. Additionally, she also acts as a liaison between the Nepali government and NDC-Partnership and helps support Nepal’s overall CAEP activities.

Sneha is a current Andrew Sabin International Environmental Fellow at Yale University and a Research Fellow with the Government of Nepal’s Sagarmatha Sambaad – a biennial international stakeholder dialogue initiative of the Nepali government that will be themed around climate change the first year. She has a master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale University in the USA, with a focus on Climate Change Science and Solutions. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Purbanchal University in Nepal. Sneha has worked on various climate change- and sustainability-related projects in Nepal, USA and Rwanda.

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