Jessie Schleypen

Development Economist

Jessie Schleypen

Jessie Schleypen (nee Granadillos) is a development economist who specialises in economic and multidimensional poverty impacts of climate change; climate change adaptation, co-benefits, and disaster risk management; policy analyses and development planning. She is one of the co-authors of the Economic Growth, Development, and Climate Change in Africa report (UNEP, forthcoming), UNDP’s Low Carbon Monitor (2016), and the Multi-Sectoral Investment Framework for Climate and Disaster Risk Management Diagnostic Reports for Ghana, Malawi, Senegal and Cameroon (World Bank report).

Prior to joining Climate Analytics, she has worked for the Government of the Philippines under the National Economic and Development Authority as a Senior Economic Development Specialist, and has been intensively involved in macroeconomic policy-making in the Philippines. She holds a Masters degree in International and Development Economics from HTW-Berlin, a Masters degree in Development Economics and Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of the Philippines.

She co-authored two papers for the Philippine Statistics Authority:
Oliva, M., Ballester, R., Ballesteros, G., dela Cruz, M., Granadillos, J., Quintos, M., Teves, M. “Examining the Appropriate Measure of Investment” (2013). 12th National Convention on Statistics. October.
Ballester, R., dela Cruz, M. , Granadillos, J., Quintos, M. (2013). “Evolution of the Philippine Economy As Seen Through the Time-Series Input-Output Tables (1961-2006)”. 12th National Convention on Statistics. October.


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