The shared socio-economic pathway (SSP) greenhouse gas concentrations and their extensions to 2500

Date Published 2020, August 13

Authors Malte Meinshausen, Zebedee R. J. Nicholls, Jared Lewis, Matthew Gidden, Elisabeth Vogel, Mandy Freund, Urs Beyerle, Claudia Gessner, Alexander Nauels, Nico Bauer, Josep G. Canadell, John S. Daniel, Andrew John, Paul B. Krummel, Gunnar Luderer, Nicolai Meinshausen, Stephen A. Montzka, Peter J. Rayner, Stefan Reimann, Steven J. Smith, Marten van den Berg, Guus J. M. Velders, Martin K. Vollmer, and Ray H. J. Wang

Journal Geoscientific Model Development

This paper draws from the integrated assessment community’s shared socio-economic pathway (SSP) scenarios and their corresponding level of anthropogenic emissions, socio-economic projections, and political environments, to provide the greenhouse gas concentrations for these SSP scenarios.