September 2021– June 2024

Implementing the Paris Agreement in the Caribbean

The Governance Initiative for the Caribbean (CGIC) aims to support the development of governance structures to allow equitable and just national climate action to implement the Paris Agreement in Caribbean countries.

The Climate Governance Initiative for the Caribbean is the first project of its kind in the region. It analyses diverse themes within and outside of the climate change discussion and develops Caribbean-specific approaches for treating them.

The concept for the project emerged from the climate justice discourse in recent years, including discussions around participatory and rights-based approaches in the development of climate policy, required capacities for affected communities to deal with future climate impacts, fair and just treatment, equitable decision-making, and climate financing.

The purpose of the CGIC is to define a structure for Caribbean climate governance that:

  • Creates a legal framework to translate international climate change commitments made by Caribbean governments to national and local action.
  • Amplifies the voices of Caribbean citizens on climate justice issues nationally, regionally and internationally.
  • Contributes to the development of a just and equitable transition that enables more ambitious climate action in the Caribbean and empowers citizens, especially the most vulnerable, to hold their governments accountable on climate change.

The CGIC will:

  • Develop a framework for the English-speaking Caribbean to legislate state action in relation to the implementation of the Paris Agreement
  • Help to define a Caribbean-specific approach to climate justice
  • Explore the relationship between climate change and international trade.

The CGIC will directly engage Caribbean government officials and regional organisations working on climate change, such as the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI), the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (5Cs), the Caribbean Community Secretariat (CARICOM), the Organisation for Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and others.

Key activities

Some activities under the project include:

  • Preparation of recommendations on Caribbean-specific approaches to climate justice and equity
  • Hosting workshops on climate justice and equity
  • Helping to develop a regional submission from Caribbean civil society organisations to inform the Global Stocktake
  • Developing communication outputs and community activities under the climate justice campaign.