June 2023– December 2026

Assessing economic risk from climate change in Europe


Horizon Europe


CMCC, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, University of Graz, Stichting VU, ECOLOGIC, Universita Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Basque Center for Climate Change, Stichting Deltares, Potsdam Institute for Climate Research, Global Climate Forum, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Utrecht University, Paul Watkiss Associates LTD

Bench in water with bridge in the background in Deventer, The Netherlands

The ACCREU project aims to expand scientific knowledge on climate change impacts by analysing the socio-economic, distributional, monetary and non-monetary implications of climate risk. The work will focus on supply chain effects, compound extremes, health, economic well-being, poverty, biodiversity and natural resource management.

Project partners will then use this state-of-the-art evidence to asses incremental and transformational adaptation actions to address existing gaps, and showing how European countries can better manage climate change risks and opportunities. Through an integrative process of modelling mitigation and adaptation strategies, the project develops an evidence-based, expert-informed macroeconomic frameworks that include distributional, fiscal and financial dimensions.

Climate Analytics is leading analysis on quantifying the impacts of climate extremes on the likelihood of poverty and other forms of deprivation at the household level.