2 May, 2019

UK proposed net-zero target in line with 1.5°C limit - Climate Analytics' reaction

In its report, released today, the United Kingdom's climate change advisory body, the Committee on Climate Change, recommends the government set a target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, including emissions from aviation and shipping. The recommended policies across all sectors to achieve this target include quadrupling low-carbon electricity supply by 2050, improving the efficiency of buildings and low-carbon heating, moving to electric vehicles by 2035 or earlier. Here's our reaction.

Net Zero – The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming

“The United Kingdom’s Climate Change Committee recommendations that the country enshrine into law a greenhouse gas goal of zero-emissions by 2050 is in line what the latest climate science says is required to meet the Paris agreement 1.5° limit,” said Bill Hare, CEO of Climate Analytics.

“If the UK Government adopts these recommendations in full, this would be a world-leading step forward, and a substantial step forward from its 2008 goal of 80% by 2050. This was consistent with limiting warming to 2°, whereas climate science has moved forward and showed that impacts at this level too dangerous.”

“It could not be more appropriate that a country that led the use of coal in the Industrial Revolution, is now leading the world out of it, which means that it is set to take advantage of the economic opportunities that will come from rolling out the technologies essential to limit warming to 1.5°C.”

“At a time of rising public concern about the disastrous consequences of uncontrolled climate change in the face of widespread inaction by many countries, the UK Climate Change Committee move is a powerful signal to others that they can, and must, also move forward.”

Climate Analytics experts available for comments:

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Dr Carl-Friedrich Schleussner, Head of Climate Science and Impacts (English and German) +49 177 514 15 59

Dr Andrzej Ancygier, Climate Policy Analyst / EU policy specialist (English and Polish) +49 170 694 87 20‬

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