21 September, 2023

Comic artists respond to the climate crisis

Three leading comic creators have collaborated with the Horizon Europe project, CONSTRAIN, to develop comics exploring the climate change challenge.

Still from 'Extinction Room', a climate comic by artist Sayra Begum

The comics feature satirical conversations between migrating polar bears and penguins, a trip to a museum of climate futures and a discussion with a climate sceptic about the importance of taking action.

All three comics highlight key messages from CONSTRAIN, including what the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C temperature goal means and why it matters, and how climate impacts increase and intensify with every fraction of a degree of warming.

The comics are aimed at reaching audiences beyond the scientific community, and will also have a presence at two of the UK’s leading comic conventions in the build-up to the next UN Climate Change Conference, COP28.

All of the comics are freely available to read and download from the 10 Years to Save the World and Lakes International Comic Art Festival websites.

The artists are award-winning comic creator Darryl Cunningham, satirical comic creators War & Peas, and comic creator, academic and illustrator Sayra Begum.

Climate Analytics' Alexander Nauels and Uta Klönne worked with the University of Leeds to provide scientific input for the comics.

Read the comics

Degrees of climate change comic by Darryl Cunningham

Degrees of climate change, Darryl Cunningham

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