31 March, 2020

Climate Analytics continues operations globally amid Coronavirus restrictions

Keeping our staff and their families safe and contributing to contain the spread of the virus is our key priority in these unprecedented times. Therefore, we have introduced a number of measures while ensuring that our work is not affected.

Since early March we have cancelled all travel and meetings are now held via teleconferencing or webinar software. Our staff around the world are now mostly working from home or remotely.

After making the adjustments necessary to shift to home office, our work continues as normal. We miss meeting at the coffee machine, but as an international team we have become used to collaborating virtually across the globe over many years. We were in the fortunate position that we had all the hardware and tools necessary for all our staff to transition swiftly to fully remote work.

Understandably, the new measures have affected a number of planned international workshops which cannot be held online. These will be held at a later date.

If you would like to reach us, here are the key email addresses:

General enquiries: contact@climateanalytics.org
Media: ela.smith@climateanalytics.org

We are keeping a positive outlook with the help of a healthy dose of humour, regular video links with staff around the world to keep in touch, and common activities we can do virtually. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and in good health.

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