Explore urban climate futures: launching the PROVIDE Climate Risk Dashboard

30 Jan 2024
15:00 - 16:00

In this event, we will present our research on urban climate projections for cities and demonstrate how it informs the new version of the PROVIDE Climate Risk Dashboard tool, which allows policy makers and practitioners to access information on risks of future climate impacts and how to avoid them.


Many cities in Europe and beyond are increasingly vulnerable to high urban-heat stress. As cities and urban centres continue to expand and evolve, they become focal points for both the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change, raising important questions for local adaptation and planning.

In this event, we will hear from scientists about the novel PROVIDE scenarios and urban climate projections for cities. There will be a live demonstration of the new version of the PROVIDE Climate Risk Dashboard, which aims to make the results of the project easily accessible by policy makers and practitioners who are looking for information on risks of future climate impacts and how to avoid them. We will exhibit the features and functionalities this web tool offers to its users, including information on overshoot scenarios and soil and marine specific climate impact indicators.

You will also have the opportunity to hear from three panelists, sharing their insights on the benefits of having the novel developments offered by this webtool.

  • Luca Arbau from ICLEI, sharing experiences from engaging with local governments in the EU, working on increasing their adaptation ambition and actions.
  • Winston Chow, co-chair of IPCC WGII (impacts, adaptation and vulnerabilities), sharing perspectives on urban climate change risk and vulnerability, with a focus on heat island adaptation and mitigation
  • Anna Dimitrijevics, Deputy head of unit adaptation and resilience to climate change (EU DG CLIMA)

There will also be an interactive Q&A session to address queries from the audience.

This virtual launch event expects the audiences of climate impact researchers, policy makers and experts in the field of climate adaptation, resilience and risk reduction.

Watch the event recording

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