APAC Climate Week: 1.5°C domestic emissions pathways and key sectoral implications

1:00pm GMT+5 (Islamabad)
2:00pm GMT+6 (Dhaka)
4:00pm GMT+8 (Singapore)
5:00pm GMT+9 (Tokyo)


2030 targets and pledges put forward by governments are not yet sufficient to cut emissions and limit warming to the 1.5°C temperature goal agreed upon in Paris. This year is an important one for national governments to increase the ambition of targets to align with this goal.

Global and regional 1.5°C emissions reductions pathways have been published, but for many countries these are not available at the national level. To support analytical work at national level, Climate Analytics has developed mitigation pathways compatible with 1.5°C temperature limit for 68 countries across all regions and the development spectrum.

16 of these 68 countries are from the Asia Pacific region – which is highly reliant on fossil fuels, and accounts for about 76% of global coal generation capacity.

This webinar, taking place as a part of Asia Pacific Climate Week, will present this new analysis, which could support the development of updated NDCs, long-term strategies and net zero emission goals.

Join us as we look at four case studies: Bangladesh, Japan, Singapore and Pakistan, to understand their unique country profiles and timelines for decarbonisation, with a focus on the power sector.

The event will run for an hour.

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