Support for LDC negotiators participating in progressive coalitions

This initiative aims to support negotiators from the least developed countries (LDCs) who are participating in progressive coalitions, based on their requests. The assistance includes preparing strategic briefs and textual proposals for and during informal gatherings.

Project period
February–December 2012

The European Climate Foundation

The objectives are to:

  • Support attendance of advisors and resource persons for the LDC group in informal sessions such as the Cartagena Dialogue meetings and the upcoming Qatar COP 18, and to provide real-time analytical and strategic advice as solicited by LDC negotiators.
  • Support the communication between the LDC negotiators and their groups about the results of these meetings, with the aim of increasing the strength of progressive forces inside different regional groups. Specifically this might involve assistance in the preparation of meeting reports to be disseminated to the groups or of presentations for the group’s preparatory or other internal meetings).
  • Support, as requested and mandated, LDC negotiators participating in progressive coalitions to exchange information and coordinate with like-minded progressive countries, on e.g. textual proposals. Assistance will also be provided to identify options for further progressive collective action among these countries.
  • Help facilitate the work of LDC negotiators on specific issues, including communicating, as requested, with delegations not taking part in these progressive coalitions.