Preparing for Paris - Workshop for Panama's Negotiating Team

Upon request from Panama’s Ministry of Environment, we facilitated a workshop for Panama’s negotiating team focusing on issues of particular importance to the government in the context of the Paris agreement: REDD+, loss and damage and adaptation.

Project period

September 2015


Konrad Adenauer Stiftung


Panama flag ©Rita Wllaert courtesy Flickr

As part of its preparations for the Climate Summit in Paris in December 2015, Panama’s Ministry of Environment had requested a workshop for its negotiating team. Climate Analytics prepared the resource materials and provided two experts to facilitate a two-day workshop with the objective to enhance capacity to engage in the UNFCCC climate change negotiations in the lead up to COP21. The workshop was conceptualised jointly with the Ministry. It gave an overview on the general state of play of the UNFCCC process but focused specifically on negotiating issues especially important to Panama: REDD+, loss and damage and adaptation. The workshop was attended by negotiators, officials and advisors from ministries and government agencies involved in climate change negotiations.