IMPACT Briefings

IMPACT partners and scientists have produced a number of briefings as part of the project. A list of these can be found below.

  • Tropical Cyclones: Impacts, the link to Climate Change and Adaptation Adelle Thomas, Patrick Pringle, Peter Pfleiderer, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner (2017)
  • The Warsaw International Mechanism – What has happened until now and what are the next big steps? Olivia Serdeczny, Manjeet Dhakal (2016)
  • Why using 20-year Global Warming Potentials (GWPs) for emission targets are a very bad idea for climate policy Climate Analytics (2017)
  • The dangers of Blue Carbon offsets: from hot air to hot water? Climate Analytics (2017)
  • How do we limit warming to 1.5°C: informing the Talanoa Dialogue question, “How do we get there?”(2018)
  • Carbon budgets for the 1.5°C limit (2018)
  • Pacific Marine Climate Change Report Card 2018 (2018)
  • Keeping up with the renewable revolution – updating the NDCs (2018)
  • Loss and damage costing and financing mechanisms: Caribbean outlook (2018)
  • Debt for Climate Swaps: Caribbean Outlook (2018)
  • After AC meeting at Kattowice
  • Why geoengineering is not a solution to the climate problem, 2018, December 02
  • Insights from the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C for preparation of long-term strategies, 2019, April
  • Achieving sustainable development through climate leadership – How LDCs can leverage the opportunities arising from ambitious climate action, 2019, June