Dr. Adelle Thomas elected as Vice-Chair of the IPCC's Working Group II contribution on on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability for the seventh assessment report cycle

Date28 July 2023

Countries and candidates have gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, to elect the new bureau for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s seventh assessment report cycle. The cycle will be the last to conclude in this critical decade for climate action, and could be its most consequential yet. Climate Analytics is delighted that Dr. Adelle Thomas was nominated by her home country of The Bahamas and voted by countries to take up the position of Vice-Chair of the Working Group II contribution on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.

“I am extremely honoured and energised to take on this role to support the IPCC’s work on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. It’s more important than ever that we deliver the best science and elevate the findings of our work. We are at a real crossroads on climate change: we stand to lose so much, and yet will never have a better chance to make a difference.” – Dr. Adelle Thomas, Vice-Chair, Working Group II AR7

“Congratulations to all of the candidates, and a special congratulations to Dr. Adelle Thomas for her election as Vice-Chair of the Working Group II contribution. She’s an outstanding scientist and communicator, and her work on loss and damage and limits to adaptation both in small islands, and other areas of the world, has really been pioneering. It’s an inspired selection.” – Bill Hare, CEO and Senior Scientist at Climate Analytics and Lead Author on the IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report