Climate Action Tracker Update: Governments still set on 3°C warming track, some progress, but many playing with numbers

The latest update of the Climate Action Tracker, released recently at the UN climate talks in Bangkok, shows that current mitigation pledges by governments are placing the planet on a path towards an temperature increase of 3°C or more above pre-industrial levels by 2100 — although it is technically feasible to limit the increase to 2°C or less. The CAT analysis underlines that this is due to a lack of ambition and political will on the part of governments, rather than inadequate participation in the negotiations.

Date13 September 2012

This update also reveals that a number of countries, in particular Canada, have been been reporting their emissions statistics in a way that suggests that their mitigation efforts are more substantial than they really are.

The full briefing paper and press release are available under Attachments below. More information about the Climate Action Tracker is available here.

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