Analysis of the Copenhagen Accord pledges and its global climatic impacts—a snapshot of dissonant ambitions

Members of the Climate Analytics team participated in an in-depth scientific analysis of the Copenhagen Accord pledges and its global climatic impacts, which was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Environmental Research Letters. –

Date07 October 2010

This analysis, which takes into account provisions for banked surplus emission allowances and credits from land use, land-use change and forestry, demonstrates that the Copenhagen Accord and the pledges made under it represent a set of dissonant ambitions. The ambition level of the current pledges for 2020 and the lack of commonly agreed goals for 2050 place in peril the Accord’s own ambition: to limit global warming to below 2°C, and even more so 1.5°C, which is referenced in the Accord in association with potentially strengthening the long-term temperature goal in 2015.

Download the analysis from IOP Science

Article in Environmental Research Web