2050 strategies towards 1.5°C with States, Regions and Cities

16:45 – 18:15

UNFCCC COP22, Marrakech
Mediterranean Room

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UNFCCC Climate Change Studio

This COP22 side event, organised jointly with The Climate Group and C40 Cities, looks at what cities, states and regions need to do deliver on the 1.5°C temperature limit in the Paris Agreement.

Ain Beni Mathar solar energy plant in Morocco, the host of the COP22 climate summit in November 2016. ©Philippe Roos, Flickr

Paris Agreement climate pledges (Nationally Determined Contributions, or NDCs) submitted to the UNFCCC only deliver greenhouse gas emission reductions policies that are heading towards 2.7°C warming, almost twice the 1.5˚C warming limit set out in this Agreement. This long term goal will not be achieved without engaging all political, social, economic, financial and cultural resources into climate action.

This event brings together a number of mayors, governors and other high level speakers who will present how they have defined what the 1.5°C limit means to them and present specific examples of types of actions needed to be delivered to reach this goal.

Laurence Tubiana, French Ambassador for Climate Change, will moderate the event.


16:45 – 16:55 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Laurence Tubiana, High-Level Climate Champion of France
Introduced by Ken Alex, Director, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, California

16:55 – 17:35 Dialogue 1: What do cities, states and regions need to deliver on 1.5°C?

Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec
Bill Hare, Founder and CEO of Climate Analytics
Eduardo Paes, Mayor, Rio de Janeiro (video message)
Karolina Skog, Cabinet Minister for the Environment, Sweden
Laurence Tubiana, High-Level Climate Champion of France (Moderator)

17:35 – 18:15 Dialogue 2: The Energy Transition: What does 1.5°C mean for key energy-intensive sectors?

Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Wales
David King, Special Representative for Climate Change, UK
Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks, Alberta
Michiel Schaeffer, Director of Science, Climate Analytics
Libby Ferguson, States & Regions Director, The Climate Group (Moderator)